Chapter 12: M

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Prior Master, Devotion To

Answered by Quan Yin messenger
(Originally in Chinese)

Q: Previously I was devoted to another master to whom I am indebted for his grace. I also took a serious oath in front of God. I only realize the outstanding superiority of the Quan Yin Method now. Will I be punished by God if I leave that master?

A: If you fully understand the pure purpose of spiritual practice and desire to progress by practicing a method that will give you eternal liberation, but your teacher cannot teach you such a method, then of course you should find another teacher who can truly bring you into the lineage and give you the proper guidance on the right path
Actually, if a master of any belief is incapable of leading sentient beings to liberation, we should look for another master. A real master should be able to transmit the correct method to you, initiate your wisdom, and enable you to attain the Truth, henceforth to return to the kingdom of God. It is just like a ship, the chief function of which is to bring us to the opposite shore. After we reach the other shore, we don't need it anymore. We must not cling to that ship and forget about the real objective.

Let's take another example. When we graduate from primary school, our teacher should allow us to be promoted to junior high school and then high school. We should not feel that we have disappointed or betrayed our primary school teacher just because we have been promoted to senior high school.


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Chapter 12: " M "
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