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Emotions of the Living Master

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Lecture at Georgetown University, Washington, DC, U.S.A.
April 14, 1993 (Originally in English)

Q: When one becomes a Master, will he or she ever have fear, doubt, or anger? We call Jesus a Master, however, according to the Bible, Jesus was frightened the night before He was crucified. And before His death, Jesus cried, "Why, God, have You deserted me?" Please explain, if Jesus had fear and doubt, how can we have no fear and doubt?

M: Yes, they probably would have fear and doubt, but that fear and doubt are not deep-rooted like in us. If Jesus had no fear of the crucifixion, then His sacrifice was not so great. He had fear, but He accepted it. Whereas when we have fear, we run away and we try to blame it on others, or we try to escape. We try to put that cross on someone else. That is the difference.

We might have fear, we might have emotion, but we can withdraw it anytime, or we can make use of the fear or emotion for the benefit of other beings. After enlightenment, all the feelings or the emotions are still there because we are made to have these in order to use them to understand other brothers and sisters. If you have no feeling, no emotion, how can you understand human beings? How can you help them? But the fears of the Masters are different.

The fear of the Master sometimes is also affected by the fear of the disciples. He takes the fear from the disciples, so the disciples are fearless. The Master will take some degree of that fear, but that is only very shallow and not deep-rooted - only illusionary. And the Master, on one hand has fear, but, on the other hand, definitely has no fear. He knows he has to have fear, but he doesn't fear the fear. [Applause]



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