Chapter 12: M

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Master's Physical Form

An interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai
by Ms. Helen Stone KLOE Radio Station
at the Quan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant
Houston, TX, U.S.A. November 14, 1993 (Originally in English)

Q: Do You see there being something special, something unique about You being a female Master? About You being so youthful? Why perhaps were You chosen as You are in this particular form to be our living Master?

M: I guess this is the will of the Most High, and I cannot do anything about it. I guess we need a change. Always having male Masters is boring. We need a change. [Master and audience laugh.] [Applause] You know, being a female spiritual teacher has also some advantages. Like, many women don't like or feel shy talking to men teachers, so maybe they find it easier to communicate with a female teacher. Maybe that's why God chose me to do this job.


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Chapter 12: " M "
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