Chapter 12: M
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Leaving the Body:
The Transmigration Tunnel

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Youngdong Center, Korea, May 6, 1998
(Originally in English)

Q: I had an experience a couple of weeks ago when I was meditating. I fell forward and I kind of surrendered to that great Power. I saw myself coming out of my body, but this way - down, down this way. I just wonder if that kind of leaving from the body takes me to the lower realms, if I go down instead of coming up?

M: It's just your feeling; there's no down and no up in that dimension. But did you feel good afterwards?

Q: Yes, but at that time, it was quite frightening. Fast speed, and it was like going through a tunnel.

M: You went through the transmigration tunnel. You were dead for that moment; that's why. You came back to life. That's what real "resurrection" is. It's good. No problem. Don't worry about it.

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