Chapter 12: M
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Meditation Experience
Prior to Initiation

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Singapore, March 8, 1993
(Originally in English)

Q: Is meditation necessary before initiation? How will initiation help me in my everyday life?

M:Meditation and experience about meditational practice are not required. If you have it, it's okay. If you don't have it, it's okay. You might have to start all over again because you didn't meditate in the right way anyhow. We start to help you from A, B, C.

And after your initiation, you will see miracles every day. It helps you in all aspects in your life. Whether you work better or you take better care of your family, you're more loving toward your family members, more loving toward yourself, more self-confident, everything, one thousand and millions of things. I cannot tell you all. You have to experience it. It helps you; otherwise, what is the good of meditation and suffering every day waiting for Heaven? We have to bring Heaven to Earth by meditational practice. We enjoy some part of Heaven here, and then when we quit this Earth, we will enjoy even more.


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