Chapter 12: M
Watching Master's Video
Mistakes, Make up for

How To Make Our Motives Selfless

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
London, U.K., August 25, 1997
(Originally in English)

Q: How can we know the motives of all our actions - if we're doing something out of service, out of proving our qualities, or if we're just doing something because of our ego?

M: We do know what we're doing, don't we? You know what you're doing it for. You can feel it right away. And even if you don't realize it in the beginning, later you can check yourself and you'll know why you're doing this and why you're doing that. If you've doing it for ego, then just check yourself, turn around, and be more selfless. Many times in the beginning, probably we do not know why we do this and that. We take up some service, some work, probably out of a competitive kind of attitude. But then as soon as we realize that we're being competitive, we turn around immediately and say, "Oh, no! I should not think that way. I should not feel this way. I should take this honor and opportunity to serve people selflessly." That is nobler.


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Chapter 12: " M "
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