Quan Yin Method 
Meditation on Inner Light and Inner Sound


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Quan Yin Method is the meditation on both the inner Light and the inner Sound. It is through the inner Light and Sound that we come to know God.

Initiation: During the initiation, specific instruction in meditation on the inner Light and inner Sound is given, and Master Ching Hai provides the "Spiritual Transmission". This first taste of Divine Presence is given in silence. Master Ching Hai need not be physically present in order to open this "door" for you. The Transmission is an essential part of the Method. The technique themselves will bring little benefit without the Grace of the Master. --> more
The initiation is offered free of charge.

Learn this Method: Quan Yin Method and Convenient Method

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Video: Quan Yin Method
               - Meditation on Inner Light and Inner Sound

MORE: Quan Yin Meditation: Many Faiths, Oneness in the Divine

Spiritual Masters: Throughout the ages, mankind has been visited by rare individuals whose sole purpose is the spiritual upliftment of humanity. Jesus Christ was one of these Spiritual Masters, as were Shakyamuni Buddha and Mohammed.  These Spiritual Masters were called by different names, at different times, in different countries. They have been referred to as: Living Master, Avatar, Enlightened One, Savior, Messiah, Divine Mother, Messenger, Guru, Living Saint, and the like. They came to offer us what has been called: Enlightenment, Salvation, Realization, Liberation, or Awakening. The words used may be different, but in essence they all mean the same thing.

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5 Precepts: Daily practice of the Quan Yin Method of meditation, and the keeping of the Five Precepts are your only requirements after initiation.

1. Refrain from taking the life of sentient beings. *
2. Refrain from speaking what is not true.
3. Refrain from taking what is not yours.
4. Refrain from sexual misconduct.
5. Refrain from using intoxicants. **

* This precept requires following a vegan diet, meaning no meat, fish, diary, poultry or eggs (fertile or non-fertile).
** This includes avoiding all poisons of any kind, such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, pornography, and excessively violent films or literature.

The Precepts are guidelines that help you to neither harm yourself nor any other living being. These practices will deepen and strengthen your initial enlightenment experience, and allow you to eventually attain the highest levels of Awakening or Buddhahood for yourself. Without daily practice, you will almost certainly forget your enlightenment and return to a normal level of consciousness.

Video: Five Precepts


Religions and beliefs ... Quan Yin Method is not an esoteric ritual or a ceremony for entering a new religion. It is meditation towards the Truth. Master Ching Hai's goal is to teach us to be self sufficient. Therefore, She teaches a method that can be practiced by everyone, by themselves, without props or paraphernalia of any kind. She is not looking for followers, worshippers, or disciples, or to establishing an organization with a dues paying membership. She will not accept money, prostrations, or gifts from you, so you do not need to offer these to Her.

She will accept your sincerity in daily life and meditation practice to progress yourself towards sainthood.

Video: Religions and Beliefs




Inner Sound: This primal vibration or Sound is in its nature transcendental and therefore perceived in silence. Jesus' disciples called it the "Holy Spirit" or the "Word" (which is from the Greek word "Logos," meaning sound). "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." After Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment, He spoke of this Sound too, calling it the "drum of immortality" Krishna equated Himself with the "sound in ether" Mohammed perceived this Sound in the cave at Gare-Hira when He had a vision of the archangel Gabriel, and Lao Tzu described the Tao as the "Great Tone".

Inner Light: Spiritual light also manifests as an aspect of the Divine Presence. Hence, the great Masters impart both transcendental Sound and Light, as The Supreme Master Ching Hai explains. "So, we get in contact with this Spirit, which is a manifestation of divine Light and Vibration, and by doing so, we know God. In fact, it isn't really a method. It is the power of the Master. If you have it, then you can transmit it. The method is a transcendental one that cannot be described by our language. Even if someone describes it to you, you will not receive the Light and the Vibration, the inner peace and wisdom. Everything is transmitted in silence, and you will see your old Masters like Jesus or Buddha. You will receive all that you need to follow their footsteps, and little by little you will become Christ-like, and you will become one with God."