Spiritual Lectures of Master Ching Hai


  1. Start With Nirvana And End Up On Earth

  2. A Saintly Way Of Living

  3. A Wish Of The Master

  4. Everything In This World Is Beneficial To Us More Intense Feelings Toward Things After Enlightenment

  5. Concentrate On The Love Between Each Other Give Your Partner Love And Encouragement

  6. Make Use Of Our Inborn Advantage Live A Fulfilling, Positive, Happy And Learning Life

  7. Comply With God's Will

  8. Confusion Of Artists

  9. Discover The Source Of Illness

  10. Enlightened Scientists Who Elevate The Civilization Of The World

  11. The Difference Between Heaven And Earth Enlightenment Brings Wonders To The World

  12. Fighting The Spiritual War

  13. Focus On The Truth To Attain The Ultimate Truth

  14. God Takes Care Of Everything

  15. Helping Others Is Helping Ourselves

  16. How People Regress!

  17. How To Play And Be With Children

  18. Importance Of Purity

  19. Inner Experiences Come When You Concentrate All The Time

  20. Many Ways To Practice And Become Self-Realized Open This Power Within Through The Correct Technique

  21. Journey Through The Universal Network

  22. Knowing God is the Only Virtue That We Must Acquire In Ignorance, We Hurt Ourselves and Others

  23. Let God Serve Through Us

  24. Let The Love Free

  25. Let Your Actions Be Consistent With What You Understand

  26. An Intense Love Alone Is No Good For Anyone Put Your Love In The Right Direction

  27. Love People In All Kinds Of "Weather"

  28. Lectures from the Supreme Master Ching Hai

  29. Master's New Year Wishes Everyone Is Our Teacher

  30. Power AND Finance What you should detach is the attachment for power and fame,not to be detached from money and fame.

  31. Protect the Noble Ideal of the QYM Monks are Instruments of God

  32. Purify Ourselves First!

  33. Why Do Masters Need Initiation

  34. Come To The World To Learn Love And Service Rely on yourself and no one else

  35. Remember That We Are God

  36. Revealing The Secret Of The Ancient Pyramids In Egypt

  37. The Best Way Of Praying To God

  38. This question is picking up on something You mentioned earlier about sexual energy causing problems. Could You explain how that happens and what we should do to deal with it?

  39. Do Good Things Expecting Nothing In Return Surpass Praises And Blame

  40. Diligent Practice Alters FateThe Spiritual Practitioners Are The Real Soldiers

  41. Teaching A Child To Be A Grown-Up Sharing With Children

  42. The Difference Between A Saint And An Ordinary Person

  43. The Great Fearless Spirit Make Big Goals For Ourselves Develop Our Many Talents

  44. The Immortal Silver Cord

  45. The Method of Improving Our Practice Be Concentrated, One-pointed and Respect the Master's Teachings

  46. The Mysteries Of The Universe Myriad Civilizations And Realms

  47. The Mysterious And Mystical Sound Of Wild Flowers

  48. You mentioned the master can borrow people's karma. In that case the karma is erased, for these people? What is the consequence for the people?

  49. The Secret To Spiritual Progress

  50. The Story Of Outer Planets Extraterrestrials Are Our Good Neighbors

  51. Keep The Commandments In Order To Become Special Friends Of The Lord

  52. Miraculous Effect Of Quan Yin: Rejuvenation The Pure Land Exists If The Mind Is Serene

  53. The Wisdom of Life

  54. The World Is A Stage For Our Play

  55. Time With A Master Is PreciousLectures from the Supreme Master Ching Hai

  56. Why do other practicing groups have problems and obstacles? Because they forget to look at themselves, they forget to overcome their desires for fame and profit.

  57. The Truly Good Person Knows When To Be Tough And Gentle

  58. Transcend The Three Realms With The Power Of Enlightenment

  59. Utilize Your Talent To Fulfill The Mission Of This Life

  60. We Are God

  61. After our wisdom has been reclaimed, we become wiser and more loving each day,

  62. We Are Stepping Into The Golden AgeEnlightenment Is The Way Of Life

  63. When You Teach,You Should Be A Responsible Teacher

  64. Why Do We Have to Meditate? Concentrating Our Life Energy

  65. Different Methods are Like Different Vehicles Why Do We Need a Living Master?

  66. Worldly Sound Vs. Supra-worldly Sound Everything in the Universe Vibrates