Master Answers Spiritual Questions
Chapter 1: A
  Age and spiritual practice
Atmosphere, clearing
Chapter 2: B
  Blessed by the Living Master
Blessing Power Vs. Magical Power
Bodily Sensations in Samadhi
Bodily Illness Differentiated from Karmic Illness
Bodily Movement during Meditation
Chapter 3: C
  Chi Kung practice
Child Abuse
Company We Keep
Convenient Method
- Inner Experience
- After Initiation into QY Method
- Qualifications for Practicing
Chapter 4: D
  Death of the Master
Disaster & Illness
Disaster & Negative Energy
Dreams / Bad Dreams
Chapter 5: E
- Aggression
- Ambition
- Anger
- Competition
- How To End the Feelings of Greed and Ambition

- Emotions in a Completely Enlightened Person
- Ego or True Self

- There Is No Ego, Really!
- Ways to Reduce Ego
Employment & Spiritual Life
Professions & Spiritual practice
Enlightenment & Time Factor
Immediate Enlightenment
Encounter a Master by Accident
Entities during Meditation
Entities: Killing Karma
Environment for Spiritual practice
Evil in Humankind
Chapter 6: F
- Fears & Anxieties
- Fears of the Ego
- Fears during Meditation
- Overcoming Fear
- Fear & Worry
Fortune Telling
Free Will
The Future / Live for the Present
Chapter 7: G
  God, Attributes
God's Love
God's Will or My Will
Chapter 8: H
Helping Others
Chapter 9: I
  Illness of a Practitioner
Illusionary World
Initiates Who Drop Out of Spiritual practice
Initiation & Vegetarian Diet
Initiation by Q Y Messenger
Inability to See Inner Master
Inner Realizations
Intimacy with Nonpractitioner
Immediate Enlightenment
Chapter 10: K
- and Problems in Life
- and Environment
- of a Couple
- Cause of Actions
- and Prayer
Chapter 11: L
  Levels and Light
Live a Noble Life
Love Vs. Attachment
Love Others Wholeheartedly
Chapter 12: M
  The Living Master
- Master Knows Everything
- Master
- Emotions
- Definition
- Why Master Need Initiation
- Physical Form
- Thoughts of a Master
- Trust in the Master
- True Vs. False Master
- Prior Master, Devotion to
- Prior Master, Love for

- Experience Prior to Initiation
- Transmigration Tunnel
- Dying Daily
- Why No Light?
- Methods
- Higher Vibrations
- Numbness
- Regularity
- Fruits of practice
- Quan Yin Method
- True Meditation

- Silencing
- Watching Master's Video
- Mistakes, Make up for
- Motives,
Chapter 13: N
  Name, What's in a
Chapter 14: O
  Obstacle, Rising Above
Obstacles in Meditation
Chapter 15: P
  Past Lives,
Pray, How to
Prayer Before Meditation
Chapter 16: Q
Chapter 17: S
Chapter 18: T

Transmigration , No More
The Karma has disappeared
Thinking, Positive & Karma
- Will Positive Thinking Change Our Karma
- Elevate Ourselves to the Positive Level

- Trinity
- Master's Physical Body Is Much more Precious
- True Master

Chapter 19: V
  Vegetarian diet & Initiation
Be Determined to be a Vegetarian
Chapter 20: W
  War and God
Develop the Wisdom Eye
Chapter 21: Y