Chapter5: E
Ego or True Self
There Is No Ego, Really!
Ways to Reduce Ego

Ego or True Self

Answered by Quan Yin messenger
(Originally in Chinese)

Q: How do we distinguish whether it is our real inner great wisdom or our human mind that is functioning?

A: If we do anything that is harmful to another person, other beings, our nation or society, then we should not do it. Similarly, if we do anything that is beneficial to ourselves, to our family, our nation and society, then we should do it immediately. At that time, we are acting with wisdom.

If we are following a real living enlightened Master to practice, we should do and believe whatever this Master says that is correct under any circumstance. Whatever this Master says that is wrong, then we shouldn't do or believe that. This is a very simple method to help us be discriminating and to prevent us from being cheated by the mind. Later, as we practice and reach higher levels, we will meet inside the transformation bodies of the Buddha and saints or our own Master. They will tell us inside what is good, what we should do, what things are only illusions, and how our mind is cheating us. We will understand more clearly.


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Chapter 5: " E "
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