Chapter 6: F
Fears & Anxieties
Fears of the Ego
Fears during Meditation
Overcoming Fear
Fear & Worry

Roots of Fears and Anxieties

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., April 7,1993
(Originally in English)

Q: Is it possible to live a life completely free of doubt and fear forever, and if so, what does one need to do or not do?

M: Fear and anxiety come only from darkness, from ignorance, from fear of the unknown.

Once we get to know the stable side of our Nature, the real side of our life, our fear and anxiety will disappear. We only fear because we think that after this life, we will have nothing. We only fear because we know only the ephemeral existence of this world. If we know that life is eternal, if we know that we are the greatest beings in the universe, we will have no fear at all. So I invite you to get to know your Self through the means of initiation (into the Quan-Yin Method).

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Chapter 6: " F "
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