Chapter 6: F
Fears & Anxieties
Fears of the Ego
Fears during Meditation
Overcoming Fear
Fear & Worry

A video: You Gain something when you want that thing, you lose something when you want to keep that thing,
You Gain something when youwant that thing, you lose something when you want to keep that thing,
otherwise you gain nothing you lose nothing

Overcoming Fears and Worry

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Georgetown University, Washington, U.S.A., April 14, 1993
(Originally in English)

Q: How should we protect ourselves from the violence of nature and the violence of human beings?

M: We don't need to protect ourselves. What do we have that we should protect? Before you were born, what did you have? After you die, what do you possess? What is it that's so valuable that we should protect it? Throw everything away. Let it be. Whatever comes will come. If your body dies, your body decays, you have thousands, billions more. Don't worry about anything. If the possessions should be yours, you can't even get rid of them. If that girl should be your fiancee, no one can snatch her away. If that job was ordained by heaven to be yours, no one can replace it. Don't worry. Just relax. Get enlightenment. All this fear keeps us from living in the happy, present moment.

All guilt, all conflict, all hypocrisy arise out of these fears of the ego self - that we have this, I have that, I have fame, I have face, I can't lose face, I can't do that because I'm in this position, I can't scold people because I'm a Master; I'm supposed to be very graceful, very soft spoken, very gentle, etc.

Just throw everything away and be in the moment. Whatever's required at that moment, do it wholeheartedly with faith in God and with faith in the whole plan of the Universal Project


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Chapter 6: " F "
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