Chapter 7: G

God's Will or My Will?

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hsihu, Formosa, July 4, 1995
(Originally in English)

Q: It's difficult to know our will from God's will, and the struggle of saying, "Is this a miracle? Did I imagine it or is it true?

M: One thing you may do is: If whatever you want doesn't hurt other people, then it's all right. Whether it is from the ego or not, it's okay. When it's the Divine Will, then it will be done. When it's your will, then you will know; you'll have a lot of trouble. If you do your best, but then, when it's not carrying on smoothly, you know it's not Divine Will. Always do your best.

Whether Divine Will or your will, if it doesn't hurt people, you may carry on until it succeeds or fails. If it is a success, you know that it is according to the Divine Plan. If it's not successful or has harmful effects or something, then you know it is not.

You just do it and don't think. The time will come that when you do, you won't even know that you do. That is the time when you've reached the Master's level. Everyone will come to listen to you, and you will be doing a lot of things, but you won't know. The physical things you will know, but some of the spiritual things, you may know nothing. You want the universal power, you do not want the individuality anymore; your body still exists, but you don't exist. You're connected, so you don't bother to stay in your body anymore. You are still connected, but looking from the higher dimension. At that time, your brain doesn't know what you are do-ing. Then, then is the time when you do without doing, you know without knowing.

Pearls of Wisdom

Supreme Master Ching Hai
Phnom Penh, Cambodia May 11, 1996
(Originally in English)

As practitioners, I think we should understand the flexibility of the precepts, of life standards, of God's will and blessings. We have to be very attentive to everything that happens around us in order to detect what God's will is.

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Chapter 7: " G "
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