Chapter 15: P

Past Lives

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
ingapore, March 9, 1993
(Originally in English)

Q: Master, how can I remember my past lives so that I can retrieve the knowledge I learned then?

M: It is enough to learn in the present because in our present life, we haven't even learned enough yet. The past life is gone and God has drawn a curtain between the past and present. It's for our own benefit. Therefore, it's not always necessary to retrace the past. If we know too many things about the past without having enough power to handle it, or to improve it concerning the present, then we will be in trouble. That's why people sometimes come into a possessed state of mind. Or knowing too much of the past, they are miserable living in the present.

Suppose you knew that in a past life, you were the sultan of such and such country and now you are driving a taxi, would you like it? Or suppose you knew that last life, you and your wife had some kind of bloodshed with each other. Now, every time you see her, would you be afraid since she killed you in your last life? Could you ever be loving again toward her? It would affect very much your family harmony and your personal relationships, as well as your own happiness. Is that not so? Therefore, we don't need to know the past. We take care of the present, and the future will come beautifully. Meditate on your Inner Self, or choose whatever method you like. But I would only recommend the Quan Yin Method, because I know after all the studies, that it's the best; that it's the highest, the quickest, and the safest. So, we offer that to you in case you want to gain more knowledge in the present and for the future. And the past will take care of itself. The past is gone, the past we can just forget.

Pearls of Wisdom

If and when we feel that our life is not going smoothly, we should understand that we have formed undesirable affinities in the past; therefore, we have to strive hard. If we have good affinities, we should also understand that we have done something good in the past; therefore, we must cherish them. We must strive persistently until our mind is entirely stable, absolutely uncaring about anything and not attached to any situation, and until nothing in this world can bind us. Then, it is truly good.

~ Supreme Master Ching Hai

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