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Steps to Contact God

First we must pray that if God exists, please guide me, please help me. And stick to your religion and pray to that religious head that you believe in to help you. If you're Christian, pray to God, pray to Jesus, Santa Maria. If you're Buddhist, pray to Buddha, to Bodhisattvas, Quan Yin Bodhisattva, Amitabha Buddha, etc., to help you. That's the first step.

The second step is, we must lead a virtuous life as prescribed (precepts) in the Bible and in the Buddhist scriptures or in any other religious scriptures. I haven't seen any major religion which teaches people to do bad things. So follow your own religious ethic, as the second step.

The third step is, very importantly, we must find Living Enlightened Master, who has known God, who has realized God, to show us something, to share with us the wealth that he or she has got. Just like if we want to speak English, what is the first step? Prepare the money for it, so that the teacher will accept you and then go and find a teacher -- one who can speak English. If you find one who speaks Spanish, then no good. It's very easy.


Contact God via a Living Enlightened Master

We Contact God via a Living Enlightened Master, also called Ascended Master, Avatar, Enlightened One, Savior, Messiah, Divine Mother, Messenger, Guru, Living Saint, and the like. Throughout the ages, mankind has been visited by those rare individuals whose sole purpose is the spiritual upliftment of humanity. Jesus Christ was one of these visitors, as were Shakyamuni Buddha and Mohammed. These three are well known to us, but there are many others whose names we do not know; some taught publicly, and where known by a few, and others remained anonymous. These individuals were called by different names, at different times, in different countries. They came to offer us what has been called: Enlightenment, Salvation, Realization, Liberation, or Awakening. The words used may be different, but in essence they all mean the same thing.

Visitors from the same Divine Source, with the same spiritual greatness, moral purity, and power to uplift humanity as the Holy Ones from the past are here with us today, yet few know of their presence. One of them is the Supreme Master Ching Hai.



Meditation on Inner Light and Inner Sound - the way to know God

Quan Yin Method is the meditation on both the inner Light and the inner Sound. It is through the inner Light and Sound that we come to know God. --> more

We always talk and God has no chance to tell us. So the prayer is the talking, the demand; and meditation is the listening. Most people just keep praying all the time or always make noise or always talk, and God has no chance to tell them what to do. No wonder their prayers are unanswered. God has no opportunity.

So the meditation is a must from a logical standpoint. Whether you are Buddhist, Christian, Muslim or whatever, I don't care. If you cannot make time to listen to God, then God can never be communicated with. Even if you talk to a friend - you telephone, you talk and then you must listen. Even if you ask me, you must first ask, and then now you must be quiet so I have a chance to tell you. How can we treat God even worse than a friend. We keep talking all the time, and give Hirm no chance. Meditation is the time of quiet listening. That's all there is, and God will come.

~The Supreme Master Ching Hai~

Religions and Living Master  -

Religion only points to the God, but we must contact God via a living Master. Without a real Master, we don't even understand religion.


Video: Religions and Beliefs

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