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Spiritual Retreat
Sometimes, after you have taken part in a seven, one or two-day Spiritual Retreat, you could feel that your level of practice had risen. That was because we had given our undivided attention to breaking through our level of practice. We knew that was the sole purpose of coming to a Spiritual Retreat here, so our levels were uplifted and our karma left behind. Therefore, having a Spiritual Retreat is very important. It allows us to calm down and to filter our any dust and dirt.

Spiritual Retreat are very important! Why do our fellow initiates make such quick progress? It is because we hold Spiritual Retreat frequently to make up for what we can not achieve in our daily time schedule.

The motive for going to Spiritual Retreat, going to group meditations, studying the teachings of any master, is to understand them thoroughly, to digest them truly, and to make them become our own wisdom - to bring them into practice, so that we understand well what they mean and how they benefit our lives.

Spiritual Retreat will help you with more power to overcome obstacles very quickly. So most of the problems you have are self-created. After initiation, if you follow the precepts, if you follow the pure vegetarian diet, and if you go to group meditation, you should have no problems whatsoever.


The Incredible Benefits From Spiritual Retreat?
The merit derived from group Spiritual Retreat is many times greater than that of one person meditating at home for days, months or even years, depending on the number of participants in the group Spiritual Retreat. Therefore, the more the participants, and the longer we meditate in Spiritual Retreat, the more difference it makes to our spiritual growth.

We gain more blessings for our country when more people attend the Spiritual Retreat. Don't need to wonder: How can our nation derive blessings just because a few of us are meditating together in Spiritual Retreat? It is true! Just like several people are living in a big house. It is enough if one of them is rich and willing to contribute. He will repair any of the leaking areas in the house and thus benefit the whole family. Even if dozens of people stay in that house, no problem. This would benefit himself, and all the residents would feel secure. Such is the case with one family. In the same way, definitely other people would benefit from the spiritual practice of just the few of us.


Spiritual Retreat Benefits All Mankind
If we want to walk all the way to the spiritual mansion of the Most High, if you have companion supporting in spirit, it is very, very incredible, the energy that each of us radiates. It is incredible when it's put together. For example water, if it's only one cup, it is not much. If it fills the cup, it's all right for the cup. But when many cups are put together, many hundreds or thousands of cups are put together, it becomes a swimming pool. Then more, it'll become a lake, and then it'll become a river, and become an ocean. That's why group
Spiritual Retreat is extremely, extremely important to you. You probably have learned that by your own experience. You feel clean, energized when you go out. It is because you share energy. You say, "Well, one cup is okay. Two cups, all right." But one cup you can not clean with. If you put together it becomes a lake; all of you can swim in it and it will still be there. You know what I mean? Maybe just put one cup on your body, not only your body is not cleansed but the water is gone. So, it is a privilege for us to go to group Spiritual Retreat. It's really, really a great benefit to mankind as well, because if the lake is there, not only you are benefited but many other people in the society who didn't put the water in the lake can also get benefit.


Why Do We Have To Go To Spiritual Retreat?
Why do we have to go to group
Spiritual Retreat, and to hang around with our fellow practitioners and virtuous people? Only then can we realize our level, and what we should do. If we always mix with people who are lower in level, naturally we will regress! Even if we can avoid the influence, we wouldn't have time to think about high level things! We busy ourselves with inferior matters, and our attainment gets stuck there and becomes useless. Even if we can keep our attainment, we have no chance to use or develop it.  We are not being discriminative, but things of the same nature attract each other! Do you know why I have been so strict with you lately, and tell you to vow before you enter to the Spiritual Retreat -- "I have not violated the precepts. I have kept a pure vegetarian diet. I sincerely come to seek the Truth..." It is because you are still new on the spiritual path, and you are not stable enough. What makes it even worse is that you mix with chaotic people! Whom can you protect when you can't even protect your own life? Therefore, we don't want to force those who have no intention to pursue spiritual practice. Forget them, even though they are initiated.


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Each human lives life on three levels: physical, intellectual, and spiritual. Life in the spiritual level is at higher hierarchy and relates to the physical and intellectual as well.

The life in the spiritual level may involve:

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