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Awaken the Soul

The soul is our real Self which is now dormant. We have to awaken it, and that is called awakening or enlightening. Then you will know what the soul is. Now you only know what the body is and the brain is, and after awakening you'll know what the soul is.

The soul never dies! Whatever, disaster or dying, is only illusion.

The soul never reincarnates, just our habitual thinking, our desires, our attachments that reincarnate. If we know the soul, if we are enlightened, if we know the connection with the whole universe, we are not reincarnated anywhere, we are always right there. We are never born, and never die.

Body and Soul. We know that we and our soul, the source of inspiration and happiness, are one and the same and we know that we are not the body. We try to help the world and to help ourselves. But this is not the highest level, because we still have the ego and it knows its strength. Even when we say I and my Father are One, it makes two, and it is still too crowded!

~The Supreme Master Ching Hai~



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Each human lives life on three levels: physical, intellectual, and spiritual. Life in the spiritual level is at higher hierarchy and relates to the physical and intellectual as well.

The life in the spiritual level may involve:

This site covers many of the above subjects.