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Spiritual Meditations

Meditation, there are many kinds. Some are good for health, some are good for the mind, some are good for the intellect, some are good for money.  Because you can make good business if you concentrate on your work. The intensive concentration is meditation. So all of us meditate every day. Some meditate on a wife, some meditate on beautiful girls, some meditate on money, some meditate on business. 

One of thespiritual meditations is the contemplating on the inner Light & Sound, through which we come to know God, uncover our inner Wisdom and Love, enlightening our life and get eternal liberation.

The benefits of spiritual meditation are:

  1. To reach the point of relaxation, so that we can enjoy what we are and what we have in any circumstances, and so that we can open our hearts and tolerate anything, and feel the God-nature in all beings, so that we don't look down upon anyone.
  2. To reach the state of liberation achieved through one's own spiritual practice, when one gains the almighty power to deliver sentient beings, lacks nothing, and is able to give anything to sentient beings according to their needs.
  3. To become a great being. A great being is one who has the demeanor, attainment, ability and wisdom to understand and realize things and reasons, and one who has the noble ideal of seeking liberation from birth and death, understanding the laws of the universe, and attaining the great wisdom and the Truth. Such is a great being.
  4. We can benefit many sentient beings when we meditate; since our vibrations spread, we brighten the entire country and elevate the subconsciousness of the whole universe.









Each human lives life on three levels: physical, intellectual, and spiritual. Life in the spiritual level is at higher hierarchy and relates to the physical and intellectual as well.

The life in the spiritual level may involve:

This site covers many of the above subjects.