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What is Spiritual Power

Humans have human power, and spiritual practitioners have spiritual power. This power might be indiscernible to us but it is so infinite that no physical power can compare. You have heard that your five generations will be elevated after you are initiated by me. It is this spiritual power that pulls them all up. Therefore, this power derived from spiritual practice is most precious; it cannot be bought at any price or taken away by even the greatest authority.


Spiritual Power Must Be Awakened By An Enlightened Master

And if we are not covered by a holy shield, by our own mental protection, and by our own purity and good will, then we will be drowned by this massive negative power around us. That's why we must always repeat the Holy Names of God, which is charged by the Master Power at the time of initiation. That is what we call spiritual lineage, or dharma bloodline. If we don't have the bloodline or the spiritual lineage, we repeat the names like an empty word, has no power. Truly it is so. It is just like a material well-being. A person who has no money cannot give other people money. Even though he signs a check, it will be an empty check. No support, no bank account to support it.

Similarly, the spiritually empty person cannot charge other people with spiritual power, cannot revive other people's spiritual power. Even though the spiritual power is invisible, but it is existing. It must exist in order for a Saint or a Master to reawaken in the people, within people, their own spiritual power. They have it. Otherwise, it cannot just suddenly stand there and then make fire by themselves. Even though fire comes from the wood, but it needs something. Or it needs another firewood to burn it, or to make the fire within itself develop. Similarly, the Master is the one who has developed her or his own spiritual power, which can influence thousands, millions, the whole world and the whole universe. The stronger the Master, the larger the influence, and this we can know by coming in contact with that Master. We feel very calm when we sit with a spiritual Master. And if we go out with other people, some people evilminded or very fierce, we feel very restless and frightened. This is the invisible influence of the inner being which we cannot tell, but we feel. So accordingly, we try to live up to the Master's standard.


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Each human lives life on three levels: physical, intellectual, and spiritual. Life in the spiritual level is at higher hierarchy and relates to the physical and intellectual as well.

The life in the spiritual level may involve:

This site covers many of the above subjects.