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Love, True Love, God's Love

Ture Love is the God Love. Everything else has attachment except when you Love God. Then you Love without attachment because there is nothing to be attached to. You don't gain what we gain materially as in this world. You just gain bliss, happiness and contentment. You cannot be attached to something when there is nothing there. The more you Love God, the more relaxed and non-attached you become. But still you can Love people in this world because your heart is large. A heart that is large can include anyone, even enemies; otherwise, it is difficult to Love your enemy.

Anyhow, there are many kinds of Love. Even the best kind of Love in this world, which we say is between a mother and child, still has attachment. Who dares to take a mother's child away, harm or say something bad about her child even though she knows it is true? 


There is another form of Love to remind us to go back to the more noble side of the scale. It's like a staircase: if we go up a little bit, then we can see more sunlight; it's higher. If we stay down, it's darker down in the cellar. It is like that, but it still belongs to the house. The darker side of God is hell; it's our own conscience. When we deny God, then we don't see Hirm. It's not that God doesn't exist at that time, but just that we have turned our face away because we did something unGodly. So, hell is our own creation. Hell is just a place where our conscience faces its own retribution, its own judgment. There's no God who created it.

We've chosen many ways to exercise our power, even the power to be dark, to be negative, to be wicked, to be very unGodly. We chose to play around and to explore the universe. We chose to learn, to know what else we could do, except just to be God as Hes is. We chose to do many things, to explore many corners for ourselves.

When we chose to do something unGodly, then we had to face the so-called hell. That is when we denied the noble quality of God. We chose to turn our back away, just to see what it felt like. This is at the soul level; the mind is not conscious of it. If the mind were conscious of what it was doing, it wouldn't do it. The mind is just an instrument of the soul. The soul wants to experience something new, to explore its own power, to go into the deeper corners of the universe and back, to go to the farther side of the cosmos to see what's there, wants to do something terribly wicked to see what it feels like, and then relearn to be God and be noble again.

It's just another form of Love. Hell is there to remind you not to be like that, not to be wicked, not to be negative, not to be dark. Return! Return! Return! That's it. When you feel terrible, already you are facing a corner of hell; you are facing the wall. You face corners and a dark and terrifying atmosphere, and then sooner or later you will have to return. So that's another form of Love; God is there in that darkness to remind you to go back to the Light.


If you fear attachment, then don't Love. If you Love someone, you have to pay the price. Surely, Love includes attachment too, whether we deny it or try to cover it with, "No, I'm not attached to him; I just Love him." But this is also a kind of attachment; otherwise, why do you need to Love him? You are attached to an object because you Love that object. People can tell you to minimize your attachment to give each other more freedom and not to control each other, but just to Love unconditionally and try to adjust to each other. That is Love with minimized attachment, but not without attachment.



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