And if we come into a deeper scientific research and we will know that we are not for flesh eating. Our system, our intestines, our stomach, our teeth, everything is scientifically made for vegetarian diet only. No wonder, most people get sick, get old fast, get fatigued, and get sluggish when they were born so brilliant and intelligent. And they end up a little bit duller each day, and the older they get the worse they feel. It's because we damage our vehicles, our flying objects, our UFO. So, if we like to use this vehicle a little bit longer and safer, then we have to take care of it in a proper way. Now, for example, we have a car. You know, you all drive cars. Now, if you put the wrong petrol in it, how would it happen? What would happen? It would drive just probably a few feet and then stop. And you don't blame the car. It's just our mistake, we mistakenly put some fuel which doesn't belong there. Or if our petrol has some water in it, right, it probably can run for a while, but it has trouble. Right? Or, if our oil has become too dirty and we didn't clean it, it will run for a while but then we will have trouble. And sometimes it explodes just because we didn't look after our car in a proper manner, right?

Similarly, our body is like a vehicle which we can use to fly from here to eternity, to the very high level of scientific wisdom. But sometimes we damage it and we don't use it for the proper purpose. For example, our car is to drive many miles to bring us to the office, to our friends and to different beautiful scenery. But then we don't look after, we put wrong petrol, or we don't take care of the oil, we don't take care of the water tank, everything. And then it doesn't run very fast. It doesn't run very long. And then we just run around in our lawn, in the circle of our backyard. That's all right also. You understand? But it's just we waste our purpose of buying a car. It's just a waste of money and time and our energy. That's all. No one is to be blamed. No police will charge you anything for that. It's just that you waste your car, waste your money when you could go very far and see many things, and enjoy the different scenery.

Similarly, our physical body, we can live in this world but then we can take care that within this physical body, we have other instruments, that we can fly beyond that. Just like an astronaut, he sits in the rocket. The rocket is his instrument. He should take good care that he should not violate the physics' laws so that his rocket will fly safe and fast. But the astronaut inside is important. That rocket brings him to his destination. But the rocket, you understand, is not the main object - the astronaut, the destination. And should he use that just to run around Long Island then it's also a waste of time. Understand? A waste of the money of the nation.

So, therefore our body is very precious because within this sits the master. That's why in the Bible, it says, Know you not that you are the temple of God and Almighty God dwells within you, the holy spirit, the same, the same thing. If we house the holy spirit or the Almighty God, can you imagine how terrible is that, how terribly significant! But many people read this fast but do not understand, do not realize the greatness of this sentence, and do not try to find out. So, this is why my disciples, they like to follow my teaching because they can find out who sits inside and what lies beyond this world, apart from our everyday struggle, money earning and striking and all these physical problems. We have more beauty, more freedom, more knowledge within. And should we know the proper way to contact this, this is all ours because we have them inside. It's just because we don't know where the key is and we have locked this house for a long time and now we've forgotten that we have this treasure. That's all. So, the so-called Master is the one who can help us to open the door and show us what originally already belongs to us. But we have to take time and walk into it and check every item that we have.
(The mystery of the world beyond)


Q. Is it predetermined that we will reach a certain level each lifetime when we are born?

M. No, we have free will to run faster or slower. Yes. For example, your car, you put in a hundred liters of petrol. I don't know how much you put in car. I don't know drive a car. But you can go faster with it, yeah, and reach the destination quicker or you go slower. Okay. It's up to you. Yes.