Q. Now what is the first real step in order to have a little wisdom and enlightenment?

M. What is the first step? It is the initiation. You are willing to let me open the wisdom-eyes for you, you are willing to let me open the wisdom-ears for you, and you are willing to let me open the God blessing power within you for you, and then every day you use it. Because I have the key. You hear that Peter had the key to heaven? Now he gave it to me. [Master laughs]


Q. Earlier You said that if when you open your mind to the Universe, then you can gain the wisdom, knowledge and will be able to understand any book. My question to You is, "What if you were born with not so bright a mind? How can you be able to learn the knowledge from the Universe once you open your mind?" Learning new knowledge would take time and hard work. For me, in the past I had tried to learn to become a professional person. I failed because I am dumb. Can You show me the way?

M. Not being able to learn in school doesn't mean you are dumb. Maybe you lack courage, maybe you lack good teacher, good friends or good circumstances, or maybe you lack patient. Some people learn quicker; some people learn it a little bit slower. But that doesn't mean you are dumb; doesn't mean you are stupid. Not to know your own great wisdom is the true stupidity. (Applause.) So I invite you to come for the initiation and get to know your greatness, then you will understand many things. It is because everything I say is just a big mouth, talk too much. Anything without experience is just advertising. It doesn't matter how much I tell you the orange juice in my cup is very good and is very nutritious and good for you and a lot of vitamin C, and you drink it, it quenches your thirst. But if you don't ever come and drink it, it doesn't matter how much I say, it is all big mouth. Do you know what I mean? It's nonsense! Talk too much. So the best thing is just to drink it. Get enlightenment!