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Why is this world always changing? It is for us to learn the lesson of always being prepared, of being on the alert. Do you know this? So, the world is neither good nor bad; it only depends on how we use it. Good or bad depends on how we use the situation to learn our lessons well. So, you understand now! You should be learning every moment. Spiritual practice goes on round the clock.


The situation in this world is not conducive to our tranquil meditation and calm thinking, but try again and again. In this world, we have an advantage, that because this world is so difficult for us to practice, God's blessing is with us many folds. So we walk one step and the Master Power will walk a hundred steps to help us.


The world of magical power is one of illusion. If you have magical power you can create an illusion that lasts for a while. If you have great magical power you can make that illusion last for a long time, play the drama for a very, very long time. It could be sixty, one hundred or even over several hundred years; sometimes over dozens of thousands of years, millions or billions of years. This is the illusion of our world.

This world is created by a person who has great magical power, and we have been lured into it. Thus now we use this Quan Yin Method as a tool to dig a door out of it. There is only one door, very small, very difficult to walk through. Following a guide, you can get out without danger. Otherwise, this maze is full of traps, and dangerous, tempting tricks and paraphernalia; so we cannot get out of it. It is like a maze, the more you walk, the more confusing it gets. It's like shifting sand - the more you move, the deeper you sink. This is the situation of our world.

This person who possesses the greatest magical power, just a little bit less than Buddha, is Maya. He has no compassion, that's why he has made this world for himself with which to play. We foolish people got pulled into it, or just passed by and were enticed by him. Now we cannot just walk out.

Originally we did not do anything wrong. Later we did worse and worse. Doing bad things would of course make things worse; doing good things would also make things bad, because we are in the maze ourselves. Whatever merit we get is just in the theater, it totally has no connection with the outer world.

What good things can you do in a maze? You build a big palace, you save certain people or animals - these are all illusions also. You can't just walk out of a maze, no matter what you do it's useless. No matter what you do, you can't derive merit.