Recognize Our Own God Nature
Irvine University, CA, USA. June 2, 1998.

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Fortunate Are Those Who Find The True Teachings

Enlightenment is in us already; the Kingdom of God is in us. The Kingdom of God is at hand. "At hand" means we can always get it. It's not far, only if we know how. The masters of old have passed away, but their teachings, their lineage of enlightenment, has always, somewhere, somehow, somewhat survived. It doesn't necessarily survive in Jerusalem; it doesn't necessarily survive in Bodhi Gaya, in India. It goes deep into the ground of existence like a river. It goes all over. It branches out. It's hidden away somewhere and then it springs up somewhere else, surprisingly. So we have to find where that river has sprung up right now, and get to the source of the water of life. Lucky for those who know where the river has emerged after being hidden underground or running to different corners of the planet.

Similar with the teachings of the masters of the old time. They don't disappear. Whenever we're ready, we will find that river again. Through some friends of ours, an acquaintance, sometimes by a very funny chance, a very strange coincidence, we'll find that river of the teachings again. Sometimes it could be very easy, in the supermarket. Sometimes it's more difficult; we have to go to the Himalayas. Sometimes we just encounter it in the library or in the candy shop, who knows? The ways of working of God are very, very mysterious, but it's always for our benefit. It's not necessary that all of us have to go to the Himalayas or somewhere very, very far away to find enlightenment. God arranges differently for each one of us, according to our desire, according to our sincerity. According to our destiny that is written in the book of the universe, we might meet the chance for enlightenment here or we might meet the chance of enlightenment somewhere else.

I'm also lucky to have encountered the newly sprung-up river and I have also drunk the water of life, which tastes good. I know it tastes good because I've tasted it. So I've come back to tell you. I can also show you where to get the water, and taste it for yourself. It just happened that I found it first, before you. It could have been you sitting here and telling me. Yes, but as God willed it, Hes picked a small woman, easy to transport, (Master and all laugh) because small things go a long way. Very easy for me to sneak everywhere, find the river for you. So do not ask, "why me?" I also don't know. Just someone has to discover something somehow, somewhere, sometime. It's not necessary that everyone discovers the same thing at the same time. Like Einstein had his theory and he is the one and only. Newton, for example, one person is enough; then he can share his knowledge with the whole world, and the whole world will benefit. It's not necessary that we have two Einsteins or two Newtons. It may be too much if we have two suns, too hot. California is truly hot in summer. Suppose we have two suns, it may be too superfluous, overflowing, so one sun is also enough. Well, here I am. I came from far away to bring you this news, and if you'd like to accept, if you'd like to find out about it, we would be very willing to share it with you -- no cost, no charge, no strings attached. (Master laughs) No before, after and between. That's what it is. Simple.

It has been a long time since I've appeared in public like this. I do appear, but within the fellow brothers' circles. I haven't appeared in the real public like this, so I have also lost my eloquence, I guess. But it's so simple. Sometimes I don't feel the need of talking. I have a feeling that you all understand, that you all know, because you are God. I'm sitting here looking at the Gods. That's why I feel so happy. (Master laughs) I don't need to speak. But, in case you have any questions, I may have the chance to elaborate more for the sake of everyone else. So, feel welcome to ask or maybe share with me your knowledge also.


MC.: It's an honor to have an enlightened master to whom we can ask questions and get real answers. She is someone that knows the Truth and I, a graduate of UC Irvine, am very honored to have such an enlightened master on our public campus.

The first question:

Q. Master, could You please explain the origins of the Quan Yin Method of meditation and how to practice it?

M. As I have mentioned earlier, it comes from God. It comes from God knows when, from time immemorial, since creation began. Since we began to play the drama of life, God has granted us this way to go back to Hirm. That's where it began. And as to how to practice, I'll explain to you, if you're interested, in greater detail later if you stay behind. It needs to be explained more in detail so you will not be confused at home if I'm away. You have to know at one time and forever, then you'll never forget it again. You can do it all yourself at home, whether the teacher is dead, alive, there or here, or never seen again. So you have to learn carefully. It doesn't take long, maybe a couple of hours to explain everything, but that's for life.

Here we don't have so much time. I just briefly tell you that the Quan Yin Method is not a method really; it is the inherent power that is the power of God to prove that we're God. Because we have that God power, at the time of initiation, the master just helps you to remember it. And remember you will, immediately, and then you'll feel it. You will feel the power; sometimes it shakes you. But later on, you will calm down, because you know you're God. In the beginning, it might be exciting, but later on, "It's okay, so what? Everyone is God, no big deal." (Laughter)

Q. Why is it necessary to erase past karma?

M. It's not necessary if we want to continue living here. But if we want to go back to where we belong, then we have to pay all the debt, either by suffering or by enlightening medicine. Once we're enlightened, the past karma is erased, but the present karma continues. The future karma is nonexistent, and that's how we can be free to go back to the Kingdom of God. What keeps us here is the storage of past karma.

What does it mean by karma? It is a Sanskrit term for cause and effect, for what we call, As you sow, so shall you reap, in the Bible. We have been sowing a lot of bad and good deeds since thousands of millenniums, since time began. That's how we continue to exist here, because we keep paying and borrowing, and paying, repaying. All the time, we come back to repay the past debt. So in order to be clear of this and to be free of bondage, we have to erase the past karma. The only thing that we can do to erase the past karma, once and for all, is enlightenment. Once we're enlightened, the past is gone. Just like you switch on the light, doesn't matter how many thousands of years that darkness has been residing in this room, in one instant, it's gone. There is no other way we can erase the past karma because it's too much. It's too much. That's why enlightenment is very necessary.

Q. Dear Master, I love You very much. I would like to ask You about animal research. What do You think about it? Do you think animal research is unethical?

M. You mean for medical purposes, try on animals first? Who is it? (The person who wrote the question does not identify himself in order to clarify Master's questions.) Well, what do you want me to say? You want me to offend the whole medical system, and they kill me? (Laughter) Some say it's necessary to have done research on animals in order to help humankind. If the intention is pure, we have no right to judge anyone. But from the animal's standpoint, it's a very, very unkind thing, an uncompassionate thing, to do. I wish we didn't have to do that. I wish we all would get enlightenment and cure ourselves inside out.

Q. Do I have a soul? If not, how is reincarnation possible?

M. Well, the Bible says you have a soul, so you must have one. (Master laughs) In reincarnation, it is not the soul that reincarnates actually. The soul lives forever; doesn't die, doesn't live, doesn't reincarnate. It is the experience of life, the integrating process between the physical and the spiritual when we are experimenting in the so-called life here and which attaches to the knowledge of our existence, that reincarnates. And if we do not detach ourselves from this kind of experiment that we call ourselves, we reincarnate. Actually, we don't reincarnate, we don't die, ever. We are just sick; we are just diseased with these incidents, with these disasters that happen to be attached to us. If we don't cut ourselves asunder from that, then of course, we are forever connected with that. The cause and effect keep changing, keep moving, keep adding, keep diminishing; and that's how we say we reincarnate. If we are not enlightened enough, that's it.

Q. Master, when one wants to express in the work situation but finds that the opportunity gets oppressed, what should be the attitude at work and what should one do? Is ambition in the workplace wrong? I would appreciate Your shedding light on this matter.

M. Ah, we go back to real life, working. (Master laughs) Ambition at work is not wrong; ambition is a must at work. Otherwise, how can you work, how can you progress? How can you please your boss and yourself? How can you make a profit for your company? That's a duty. It's a duty to be ambitious. To be ambitious doesn't mean we have to step on other people's heads to go forward. Ambitiousness and viciousness or jealousy are different. We can be ambitious, we can improve ourselves all the time without having to suppress other people. If we do feel oppressed to some degree, then we have to find the reason the other person is oppressing us -- whether we are not competent enough, whether it's a personality problem, or it's the other person who is too envious of us. If we can, then talk to that person. If we know we are in the right, that person is in the wrong and we talk to that person, if she or he becomes better, forgive her or him. If they don't become better, forgive them anyhow; continue with your work. We can't avoid conflict in this life. That's the fact. Even within personal relationships, sometimes husband and wife also envy each other, if one is too successful. That's the problem with the human brain; it's not with the soul, though, not with the enlightened people.

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