Recognize Our Own God Nature
Irvine University, CA, USA. June 2, 1998.

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Q. So do You advise that I do things other than teach meditation to make a living?

M. I would. I would think it's more noble if we teach the way of God free of charge at all times, because it's inherent in each of us. If we could, we should not make a living out of that. But if you're in need of money and people donate to you, it's okay. Take it as God's gift. But I personally don't demand any money. I'm very afraid to take people's money. I just don't feel good, since I was young. And any of the masters since ancient times have not been allowed to take money even. You're supposed to give, not take. But I guess for just ordinary teachers of different meditation methods, it's no harm. But to be a master, I think it's better not to take anything. The Buddha took only one meal a day because He didn't work; that was the minimum He could take. But then, He had to do it. At that time He didn't have the means to walk around and earn money at the same time. Besides, He was a monk, and the tradition of monks is to go begging for food. People respect you that way.

In the modern times, if you go begging for food, the police will beg you to go to jail, so I cannot do that. Not that I'm materialistic; to design to earn money to live is not a materialistic viewpoint, it's practical. We live in the modern times, we have to dress decently, presentably, for the modern people, because they don't accept the beggar-look anymore. You can't go on the street and beg. People will take you for homeless. They don't respect you, number one. So how can you teach them? You have to be decent, be like everyone else. I used to be a monk but at that time, I also earned money. I didn't feel right taking money from people; I earned money from different things. I grew vegetables, I knitted at that time. Because I was alone, I didn't have too many traveling expenses, and I ate one meal a day also. So making very little money was enough.

But now I've expanded and I have to travel a lot, so I have to earn more money. I resort to different kinds of techniques, like my interior decorating stuff -- lamps, lights, sometimes, ceramics, painting, designing clothes; and designing jewelry. These earn me a lot of money worldwide, so I'm able to travel around and live comfortably. I pay every penny for what I take. If even an initiate lends me a car, I'll pay for the petrol too. I don't take it. I don't want to. I feel I should pay for my own living existence, because I'm able. Even if my disciples give me anything, 1 don't take unless I really don't know about it. If I know, I don't take it. I'll give it back. I'll give back the money, the value, or return something else. You feel more comfortable that way. But it's all right if people offer to you and you have no other means and you're too busy teaching to earn a living, then you take it. Take enough for yourself.

Q. Can I ask You one more question?

M. Sure.

Q. So, You are able to run a business and have a spiritual teaching going on at the same time?

M. Yes, well, that's the way it is right now. I do my spiritual teaching, but in my spare time, I design clothes and jewelry.

The people who help me sell, the people who help to make the clothes and all that, they also get money. Sometimes we have a small restaurant here and there; we also earn money from that. I pay the money to the people who work there. Everything is strictly business.

Q. Okay, thank You so much.

M. God bless!

Q. If there is no physical body, then why did Jesus cry when His best friend John the Baptist was beheaded?

M. Well, should He have laughed? Should a compassionate Master, all loving, all Godlike, have laughed or been like a stone, indifferent to a best friend like John the Baptist? What do you expect His behavior to have been? What do you expect an enlightened person to be? A stone? Just because He was enlightened, the chemical reaction in His body didn't change. The tears still flow when they are triggered by emotion, and it should be so. He had become so soft, so feminine, so loving, and that is the best of all. It happened to Him; it happens to us. It's very good when you cry when your friend dies. It's very natural; He was very normal and very enlightened.

Q. It seems that all my paths are being blocked. For this reason, I cannot reach my goals. My past experiences reveal that every time I'm one step toward my goal, something pulls me back and away What should 1 do to clear my way?

M. What kind of path is he talking about? For the sake of the audience. Who is it?

(M.C.: The person that asked, would you like to raise your hand?)

Q. (Someone raises the hand) I didn't write the question but for me it's applicable. I think we constantly encounter obstacles in life that are very frustrating. I think it's just a universal....

M. Okay, I got it; it means in business and relationships. The only answer is enlightenment. I have no other answer. Enlightenment will guide you; will give you the answer; give you the strength to start all over again, or to overcome difficulties as well as ignore the unnecessary worries about different problems. You will solve them quicker. There are no other things for us to do in life except to get enlightenment first, and everything else will follow. That's why the Bible says to you, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God; that means get enlightenment, and all other things shall be added unto you. Yes, truly. I earn more money now than when I was not enlightened. When necessary, God will show you the way, even in a physical way. I didn't get enlightenment to earn money, but it just happened; it just happened that everything else became very smooth, unasked for, and that's true.

Q. How do I live an enlightened life?

M. Live like you lived before; live with your wife, your kids and your husband; continue to discharge your duties and enjoy your life while enjoying heaven. Nothing changes, except the inside knowledge, the happiness.

Q. What are the reasons You don't believe in healing other people?

M. The reason why I don't believe is that they should learn to heal themselves. We should not play God; that's the reason. We stand between God and that patient. Each one has the power to heal himself. God has bestowed sickness upon the patient as a blessing in disguise, so that he may see God. When that person is very sincere, God will appear to him. Otherwise, we have a lot of physical, medical treatments that should be used to take care of the physical things.

And to tamper with people's psychic body and the healing power within them is not very advisable. The karma is not erased by just the touch of hand; it will come back again tenfold later. The person will suffer more and never know God. If you just believe in the healers and forget God, especially the God inside you, you're in more trouble than the sickness. That's what I believe. That's what I know. That's what I share with you. But of course, it's my opinion and my knowledge; it's not necessarily yours. It's not necessarily accepted by you. Just if you come to me and ask me, I have to tell you what I know. But I don't condemn healing or anything like that. If you want to go higher, then you have to stop that. Just like you want to learn to become a doctor, you have to continue with being a doctor, you cannot stop midway and become a nurse and expect to be a doctor at the same time. It's not possible.

Q. Master, why is it necessary to be guided through meditation?

M. There's no other way. Meditation is just a name; actually, it's the inner reconnection with the God power. Just like why it is necessary to eat three meals a day in order to sustain your body; this is to sustain your spirit. We have to meditate; we have to get recharged by the God power again in order to be free from the shackles of the physical world to be God again, to be master of ourselves.

M.C. Thank You for Your time.

M. Thank you. Thank you very much for your attentiveness, your support, your en-lightened atmosphere, your loving smiles, everything. It pleases me very much. And I shall see you in the initiation hall. For those who don't take initiation tonight or will consider later, go home and pray; pray to God. Don't forget, pray all the time. Pray any time you can. Pray with your heart until the day you get enlightenment. I'll see you there. (Master points upward.)

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